What a quacker day for a duck race it was, the sun was shining and the vibe along The Strand was humming. Lysaght entered into this year’s Great Tauranga Duck Race choosing the “official” assisted category, which they made famous last year after they absolutely smoked a field of unsuspecting ducks. Hey if we get told we can get our duck to the finish line any way we like…….well we are going to take that on board and come up with something creative for sure! While most teams stuck with the traditional unassisted category again this year, we felt adding a little something something extra was just a bit more fun and a bit more us. Our duck had a gorgeous paint job at the hands of the talented Eleanor (aka Rigby). We took home 2nd place this year as another local business also decided that they liked to add a lot of something something extra to their duck, and it steamed rolled the field. We had a ball as always and look forward to putting our thinking caps on for next years race.