When there are jobs I’m aware of I vouch for Lysaght, and I am an example of a good track record. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them, Lysaght are proactive, and they want to help the client find a solution. If they can’t do something, they make suggestions and give a fair summary of the situation.

Jeff Fletcher

Bconn Limited

When a plan changes quickly, Lysaght are good at quoting and the tender process. They are in touch with the right people and any problems are followed up quickly. Lysaght are not too big, so you get to know everyone, and they clearly are always thinking about their clients.

Shane Nicholls

Nicholls Group

Lysaght really want to understand what their clients want early on, right down to things like ‘how do you want your invoices presented?’. Lysaght are all into multisport and they seem to get involved in group events and team building. This appeals to us. It might not appeal to bigger corporates, but we like that they seem happier than in large companies.

Dwayne Roper

Director, Zariba Holdings

Lysaght are the only surveying and engineering consultants that we use. I have people who ring me saying they want to subdivide and I say “here’s the man” (Mike) and I tell them they are good people to deal with. We aren’t interested in those that are greedy and can’t figure something out that benefits all parties. If Lysaght say they can do something, they deliver. I’ve seen other companies take the mickey with smaller companies, but I don’t think Lysaght do this.

Cameron Scott

Abron Group