The words “resource consent” can sound intimidating, but often they don’t need to. Come and have a chat with our Tauranga planning and resource consent consultants and we’ll provide you with some frank advice on how the process works and what to expect. We have years of experience in planning and will know relatively quickly just how smooth the process will be.


We specialise in:

  • Subdivision Design
  • Resource consents and permits –  subdivision consent, land use consent, discharge permit, water permit, coastal permit
  • Assessment of Environmental Effects
  • Notice of Requirements and Outline Plans for designations
  • Submissions on notified consents
  • Submissions on district and regional plans, national policy statements and environmental standards
  • Plan changes, structure planning, strategic planning, spatial planning, and designations
  • Council hearings – preparation of evidence, appearing on behalf of applicants or submitters
  • Community engagement and consultation
  • Cultural engagement