Our Story

by | Jan 28, 2016 |

Lysaght Consultants is a vibrant, forward-thinking consultancy in Tauranga, specialising in land surveying, civil engineering, land development and planning (with a bit of multisport on the side). We are an energetic team committed to solving our clients’ problems. For over 24 years we have been helping our clients unlock the potential in their land, and have built a strong reputation in Tauranga and throughout the Bay of Plenty. We enthusiastically tackle all projects that come our way, and pride ourselves on our people, our projects and our partnerships. We throw ourselves into any challenge – be it a tricky project or a gruelling multisport event – and we always make sure to have fun in the process! You can find our guys and girls out most lunch times running, swimming, biking, surfing, kayaking (you name it) and representing Lysaght at multisport events around the country throughout the year. A healthy work-life balance is super important to us and is reflected in our Healthy Mind, Healthy Body Philosophy. You will see that the energy and dedication we put into our multisport events is reflected in our work. We know that there is a solution to every problem, and we’re ready to take yours on!

If you choose to work with Lysaght you will work with people you like, who get what you are trying to achieve, who know what they are doing.


A few gems from Lysaght staff in regards to our ‘Healthy Mind, Healthy Body Philosophy’ and Multisport culture:

“I love the health approach, we should treasure it” – Daniel Hight, Senior Civil Engineer


“Love this stuff, just love it. The multisport weekends away are so good for the team in general” – Conrad Donaldson, Survey Manager


“Love this aspect of the company, it creates great culture and is good for us too! We are super lucky to be able to incorporate this type of thing into our work schedules” – Cassie Hoggard, Office Manager


“I absolutely love the physical aspect of Lysaght, and it is the number one reason I tell people Lysaght is the best company in the world” – Joe Neureuter, Surveyor


“Lysaght has a great healthy body culture and it should be protected at all costs” – Fiona Lysaght, Director of People and Culture



Mission Statement Company Rules

1.   Be the solution, not the problem.

2.  Enjoy what you do or change what you do.

3.  Wear shorts and jandals in summer as they’re comfortable and practical.

4.  Work hard, compete hard, have fun.