Lysaght Consultants’ staff are encouraged and supported to train and compete. We see the value in keeping fit and enjoy challenging one another, and clients to undertake multisport events. At Lysaght Consultants Limited we encourage our staff to get involved in multisport or sport at some level. We encourage office based staff to take a break in the middle of the day and get the heart rate up. Life is a challenge and we want to ensure each of us is prepared to tackle that head on! Yes, it’s quite likely you’ll see us out and about cycling, swimming, riding the roads or tracks, kayaking and more – it’s all about maintaining the balance and increasing work efficiency too. We regularly compete in the likes of the Motu Challenge, Waihi Nugget, Tinman Corporate Challenge and various adventure races throughout the North Island. To see more of what we do, visit our Latest News page, and to get a behind the scenes look at a multisport weekend check out our 2018 Motu vid here

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