Lysaght has a long standing relationship with encouraging a healthy body and healthy mind among it’s team which dates back to very early on when the staff count was only a few. Multisport has been the main focus throughout the years, however with the growth of the firm, particularly in recent years, this has morphed into a philosophy which is more inclusive of everyone, not just those prepared to slog it out on a grueling bike ride, run over a mountain or kayak up a river. Our aim is to have all of our people engaged in some sort of lifestyle that allows them to keep a healthy body and mind whatever that might look like for them. Whether it’s gym sessions twice a week, Pilates before work, soccer on the weekend or surfing at lunchtime we don’t mind, as long as they are regularly involved in some sort of physical activity to keep their body and mind in tip top shape. Life is a challenge and we want to ensure each of us is prepared to tackle that head on! Yes, it’s quite likely you’ll see us out and about cycling, swimming, riding the roads or tracks, kayaking and more – it’s all about maintaining the balance and increasing work efficiency too. We know our line of work can get busy and stressful at times, and we recognise that getting the heart rate up regularly is the best way to tackle this and of course having a bit of fun at the same time never hurt. We offer all staff 2 x extended lunch breaks per week so that they can incorporate this activity into their work day as it is not always possible to fit it in outside of work, especially for those that have young families at home. Lysaght also schedules various activities to keep things interesting, year to year these may or may not include the likes of a triathlon, boot camps, swimming sessions, yoga classes, adventure races, 3pm plank offs, the decathlon of doom and kayak fishing adventures (more about the LKFC can be found here). There’s something for everyone.


A few gems from Lysaght staff in regards to our ‘Healthy Body, Healthy Mind Philosophy’:

“I love the health approach, we should treasure it” – Daniel Hight, Senior Civil Engineer


“Love this stuff, just love it. The multisport weekends away are so good for the team in general” – Conrad Donaldson, Survey Manager


“Love this aspect of the company, it creates great culture and is good for us too! We are super lucky to be able to incorporate this type of thing into our work schedules” – Cassie Hoggard, Office Manager


“I absolutely love the physical aspect of Lysaght, and it is the number one reason I tell people Lysaght is the best company in the world” – Joe Neureuter, Surveyor


“Lysaght has a great healthy body culture and it should be protected at all costs” – Fiona Lysaght, Former Director of People and Culture

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