“If it looks like a fish and feels like a fish then it probably is a fish”

The Lysaght Kayak Fishing Club (LKFC) is a prestigious group founded in 2017, with the primary objective to head out on kayaks with fishing rods and hopefully return with some fish. A beery prize is awarded to the catch of the day.


Chairman: Dory “The Colonel” Ireton

Vice-Chair: Higgity “Burly Bomb” Hayward

Secretary: Ed “Portage” Verkuylen

Treasurer: Mike “Firetrucker” Stott

Creative Director: Rigby “Tunes” Moyle

Events Planner: Straya “Eagle Eye” Hales

Caterer: Conradie “Stockinghead” Donaldson

Young Professionals Representative: Jojo “No-show” Neureuter


Official Sponsor: Lysaght

Unofficial Sponsor: Te Puke KFC